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Two operators - Ghana Telecom and the Western Telesystems (GH) (WESTEL) are currently engaged in major expansion programmes aimed at providing a full range of domestic and international services.

These efforts are also being complemented by five cellular mobile operators, paging companies, data service provides and a number of licensed internet service providers. As a result of their efforts, the number of telephones over the years has increased and given the people a greater access to telecommunication services. Presently, the number of telephone subscribers is about three hundred thousand (300,000) while mobile telephone subscribers stand at one hundred and fifty (150) from a low figure of 10,000.

The number of internet users has also risen from around five thousand (5000) to one hundred thousand (100,000) - thus making Ghana the second fastest growing internet country in Africa after South Africa.

Broadcasting has also been deregulated and there are more than 20 private FM stations around the country. Two private television services have started transmissions.