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The unavailability of official representation at the Ambassadorial level in Holland in the 80s necessitated the need for an organization that will lead and seek the welfare of the Ghanaian immigrants in The Hague and its metropolis. It is obvious that people of the same nationality and culture acting in harmony can solve problems easier. They can also be properly represented and their views better articulated when they act in unison. That in a nutshell was the bases for the formation of the Ghanatta Foundation.

Ghanatta Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 under the Dutch government’s regulations for the welfare of minorities. The Foundation is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 411.58.140 and has its Head Office in The Hague.
The overall objective is to assist the Ghanaian community in the areas of social issues such as welfare, education, employment and to help them integrate better within the Dutch multi-cultural society.

Other aims of the Foundation are as follows:

1. To provide Ghanaians with wider and relevant information through Radio Ghanatta, Ghanatta TV and the news magazine "Nkwantabisa".
2. To organize Ghanaian cultural activities within the City for a better understanding of our culture by our Dutch hosts; especially the youth.
3. To help Ghanaians and other English speaking Africans with lessons in Dutch, through the Program "Let's Speak Dutch” on Radio Ghanatta.
4. To find ways to portray the Ghanaian in a positive image.
5. To fight against all forms of injustice, which may confront Ghanaians at the workplace, school, home etc.
6. To provide help and offer assistance to every Ghanaian in the city irrespective of sex, religion, culture and tribe.
7. To help the less privileged back in Ghana wherever possible.
8. Walk-in service for help in Filling of Forms, Translation, Writing and Reading of letters and documents, general welfare issues like settling of family and other disputes.
9. General Welfare issues as arranging burials of the dead with Dutch Social Service support.
10.Liaise with The Embassy of The Republic of Ghana in The Netherlands on Consular issues.

The activities of the organization are coordinated by a team of well motivated volunteers whose ages range from 18 to 64.
The 9-member executive board is under the chairmanship of Mr. L.F. Bempah with Mr. M. Frimpong as general manager/secretary,
Mr. A. King Dankwa as financial secretary, Mr. Benson Darkwah as studio manager, Mr. E. K. Wireko Mpianim as program manager,
Mr. P. Opoku Addo as technical manager, Mr. K.O.A. Sarpong, Mr. Akrofi Donkor and Ms. Elizabeth A. Brayie as members.    

Contact / Correspondence Address:
Ghanatta Foundation
Calandstraat 1 (Unit 3.15)
2521 AD - The Hague

Telephone Lines:

Office:   +31 70 388 56 30
Mobile: +31 614 73 93 90
              +31 642 93 77 11

Fax:      +31 70 402 04 65

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To Listen to Radio Ghanatta

Click on “Live Radio”

Tune in to 106.80 FM on the Cable Network of The Hague, Holland.